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Awful User Interface

Most inputs dont actually work; buttons for various options are unresponsive, and most just plain dont work. For an app that is designed to streamline and consolidate the process of booking appointments, it sure does make the process more convoluted, frustrating, and exponentially longer.


This app will make your life easier :)

Ugly and not working crap

Why even have you published this app full of bugs?

Whats the point?

I downloaded the app so I can book a haircut while travelling. Too bad I cant switch between countries - therefore its useless. Plus the usability itself is rubbish

Easiest booking ever

Great app that lets me schedule my haircut when I want and avoid long wait times. Great navigation and design is cool. It makes my life easier.

Super Cool and Useful

This app is definitely the best and most useful app Ive downloaded in the past year. I hate making appointments via phone, this app eliminates that problem. I love Booksy!

Great App

Easy to use and a great way to schedule an appointment

So easy to use!!!!

Incredibly easy to use. You can book appointments with the stylists you want and dont have to worry about playing phone tag


I love booksy! So easy and smart. I never need to dial my salons # again! Booked an amazing facial too :)

Great App

Great app!! Convenient and great way to make appointments

Easy to use!

Quick and easy! Made an appointment in 10 seconds and got a great mani & pedi for only $25!!!!!

Easy for book

Need some improvements. Such reputation of the business in google+ and yelp. Will be great if theres capable to work with salon software such salon iris or millenium so people actually can see the ability at that moment.

Love it

This makes it easy to find a salon close to you. Great idea!


Per usual, these apps think that world has exactly three cities.


You guys are noteven covered in our area (Dallas) but I still use you !! Ill be spreading the word!!

Makeup junkie

Had to reinstall several times because it kept shutting down...& it still does it! :(

Its ok

Cant log n Facebook.. Y??


This version is crashing every time I try to open it.

Barber/business owner

This app has changed the way I run my business ! Love it ! Customers book their own appointments or I can just log them in in less than 60 seconds ! I have been a busy barber for over 14 years and this app is the best on the market ! For $25 a month I have a personal assistant in the palm of my hand !

Great App

This App is easy and convenient in scheduling my 10 yr old sons appointments . I, his mother take him biweekly to get his hair cuts . I can see the days and times my barber is available and select accordingly . Whats even better is that I have a barber who ACTUALLY works on time as per YOUR request ! ☺️

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